group sessions

White Phoenix Tarot

In an online group session you receive a personal tarot reading, an intuitive tarot lesson, and a shamanic journey. Priced lower than an individual short reading, group sessions are an exceptional value.

I begin by giving each person a reading to reveal their unique core theme or issue of the moment; you then learn to intuitively interpret a new card that takes you deeper into your reading; I give one more reading that completes your own and answers the energy of the group; and finally I will guide you into a shamanic journey to integrate your personal message and the lessons. The online group is is a learning experience as much as a session of tarot readings; after the journey you are free to share your insights and experience (or not, as you wish). If you attended my meetup in Seville, you’ll recognize the format.

Each week, you receive a new tarot reading, learn to identify themes and interpret tarot imagery, to be more flexible in your thinking (using more right brain and less left) and to explore the shamanic realm. The process encourages you to deepen trust in the wisdom of your own intuition.

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