Janet, as you weave your magic, I’ve got a lot going on in my consciousness – last night [after our first soul portrait session] I awoke with awareness of what’s real and not real… I also felt my consciousness was being purified of disempowering unresolved events from the past that I was holding onto, holding me back from fearlessly stepping into the limelight – showing up fully! I can feel the power in your gifts with a purification of consciousness. I am loving this.” – Theresa M. Fitzgerald, Intuitive Coach, Founder & CEO, Innate Magick, Australia

“To this day I can still visualise the soul retrieval journey Janet took me on. Through sounds, chants and scents, she transported me on a deep spiritual journey where I met a spirit guide, let go of some painful memories and felt the joy of my youth. I felt very protected on this journey, could heal on an emotional level and claim back some hidden happiness that I still draw on today. I would highly recommend a session with Janet if you wish to heal a part of yourself through soul retrieval.” – Lizzie Wake, Artist, Valencia, Spain

“I’m honestly so excited to see where this journey takes me. There is so much out there, and so much more to myself.” – Casey S., Colorado, USA

“I was impressed by her deep and thorough knowledge and understanding… by the connections she made and by her explanation of how these connections influence my life. All she said I could relate to, and was spot on. Janet also uses her intuition, and her readings are profound and complete. I could see she has great knowledge.” – Martina Blazkova, Barcelona

“Oh WOW!!! Janet, thank you so much for the painting. I absolutely love the art expressing my true nature. It is so rich with color and symbology. Your reading [of it] is integrating on levels I’ve never explored. I’ve been reclaiming massive amounts of my power and am ready to bring it all through the heart. I feel your reading is the completion of such.” – Theresa M. Fitzgerald, Founder & CEO, Innate Magick, Australia

“Your reading was very, very thorough and really helpful. I was really surprised by how much I learned about myself and by how much you saw in only one reading. I am really impressed.” – Alberto San Jose, Barcelona

“I have received many readings from Janet and I can honestly say she is the best reader I have ever met. As someone who believes passionately in not giving one’s power away to healers or psychics or other practitioners, Janet’s work enables you to make informed decisions, so that you are coming from a place of empowerment. Thank you, Janet, for sharing your gifts.” – Anna Pavlakis, Spain