about me

Janet portrait 2019

I’ve used the tarot for twenty-five years to help people with the issues that concern them. It’s a service that I love and offer with great care. My desire is to help you see and understand through meaningful information and insight you can make sense of and put to good use in your own desire for answers, solutions, and strategies for living the life you want. I work to help you feel inspired, secure, and prepared in response to your questions.

Your reading with me is a full consultation, delivered with skill and integrity. You can count on receiving honest information, fresh perspectives, and discerning guidance about the issues that concern you most, whether a very specific matter or moment in time, a search for general guidance, a desire to shape plans, to explore your inner self, or some other matter you may be struggling to approach or understand. I help you gain clarity, understanding, perspective and insight – all invaluable tools of self-empowerment.

I’m so glad you’re here! Please tell me what’s on your mind and how I can help you. For descriptions of types of readings you can request, visit the Services page. To schedule an appointment or contact me, begin right here.


“Janet is a breath of fresh air… her tarot readings are in-depth, insightful, accurate and knowledgeable. She wants you to truly understand the information she has for you, and opens up doors you didn’t even know existed.”  – Greta, UK

“… she is the best tarot reader I have ever met. She doesn’t simply give you a reading, she gives you profound insights into your life. She can give you a wider perspective and greater understanding of who you are, what motivates you, your karmic lessons, your blockages, your gifts, your desires, your challenges, etc. As someone who believes passionately in not giving one’s power away to healers or psychics or other practitioners, Janet’s work enables you to make informed decisions, so that you are coming from a place of empowerment. Thank you, Janet, for sharing your gifts.” – Anna Pavlakis, Integrated Soul Healing

“Your tarot reading was very, very thorough and really helpful. I was really surprised by how much I learned about myself and by how much you saw in only one reading. I didn’t know the tarot could be used this way; it was as good as any traditional therapy I’ve had, or even better. I am really impressed!” – Alberto, Spain

I was impressed by her deep and thorough knowledge and understanding of my natal chart, by the connections she made and by her explanation of how these connections influence my life. All she said I could relate to, and was spot on. Janet also uses her intuition, and her readings are profound and complete. I could see she has great knowledge.” – Martina Blazkova, Move Now! Coaching