before your session

To get the most out of your tarot session,
please take a moment to read this page.


• Please prepare for your session by finding a quiet place and clearing yourself of any distractions or potential interruptions. This time is about you, so bring your full focus and attention to the session.

• Sometimes we’re not exactly certain what we’re looking for – which could very well be the reason you want a reading! If you feel unsure of what to ask, or how, I will help you frame your question(s).

• During your reading we work on one specific topic or question at a time, exploring it as long as you need before moving on to the next. The number of different topics or questions there’s time for will depend on how deeply you care to go into each, plus the overall length of your session. Please be realistic. You might discover you’re better served exploring one single matter from several angles than to touch superficially on a few unrelated subjects but with less time for each.

• You will definitely benefit the most from the reading if you are willing to participate! Remember you’re in a consultation. Your comments and questions are welcome and encouraged throughout the reading.

• Appointments are not confirmed without full prepayment. When you submit your request via the bookings & contact form, your reply will contain a tentative reservation (with date and time) and payment links to PayPal or Transferwise. When your payment has been received, you’ll receive an email confirming your appointment.

• Services are non-refundable, so please keep your appointment. If you absolutely can’t make it, I will honor requests to reschedule if you contact me at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

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