what can a tarot reading do for you?

An in-depth tarot reading supports psychic divination with skilled interpretation and sound advice to reveal the conditions of your outer and inner environments, and better prepare you for the known or as-yet-unknowns of life.

It lays out a roadmap, showing you what’s really at issue or on your horizon, where to see opportunities, how to embrace change, to prioritize, meet challenges, release or resolve problems – or rest assured you’re doing fine.

Where do you envision yourself? Where would you like to be? Where’s the room for change or improvement in your life? What’s going on?
Your questions about work, career, relationships, relocation, new ideas or opportunities, blockages (feeling stuck, confused, or overwhelmed), personal growth, psychological issues, or forecasting are just a few of the themes that lend themselves perfectly to exploring through the tarot.

If you ask to be shown, your reading can help shed light on issues that would benefit from deeper healing work through other modalities.

In your consultation different card spreads will be used according to the nature of your questions. Sometimes you may not be sure of how to shape your initial question, or even what it is you want to ask about. That’s fine. Every session begins with a conversation, and if you’re a little fuzzy I will help you shape a meaningful jumping-off point.

Who’s reading your cards?